Managing Projects

Now that your project is installed you can configure it and apply dependencies.

Applying Dependencies to Projects

The dependencies that are available to be used are displayed in the right side of your project workspace. If the dependency you need is not listed, see 'Adding Dependencies' for the process to add new dependencies to the Perfect Assistant.

Apply dependencies to a project by dragging them up to the DEPENDANCIES section at the top of workspace.

When a dependency has been applied you will see a drop-down selector appear with it that is then used to selecting a specific version of that dependency. An active dependency with the drop down selector is shown in the screenshot below.

Project Management Tools

Project Directory - Clicking the Project Directory opens the project folder in your local Finder.

Project Terminal - Click the Project Terminal and the working directory /wd is preset to the project directory.

Build - Local. Generates a swift build in the local mac environment for use in rare cases where you are not using xcode

Build - Linux. A build within the Linux Docker Container. This can be a pre-flight stage to detect errors that may be specific to a Linux enviroment.

Build - Deploy. Triggers the deployment process of your project to Amazon EC2. 

Build - Clean. Does a clean of the project directoy, removing build products and dependencies from both mac and linux environments. This is usually used if there has been an update to one of your packages or package dependencies.

XCode Project - Regenerate. Regenerates the xcode project file which is required if your dependencies have changed. NOTE! use this for macOS projects only

XCode Project - Integrate. Regenerates the xcode project file which is required if your dependencies have changed. NOTE! use this where you have both macOS AND Linx projects.

Project Delete. Removes the project from being managed by the Perfect Assistant, but does not remove it from your computer.

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