Perfect – SMTP

This project provides an SMTP library.

This package builds with Swift Package Manager and is part of the Perfect project. Ensure you have installed and activated the latest Swift 3.0 tool chain.

Linux Build Note

Make sure libssl-dev was installed on Ubuntu 16.04:

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

Relevant Examples

Quick Start

To use SMTP class, modify the Package.swift file and add following dependency:

.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 1, minor: 0)

Then import SMTP library into the Swift source code:

import PerfectSMTP

Data Structures

Perfect SMTP contains three different data structures: SMTPClient, Recipient and EMail.


SMTPClient object is a data structure to store mail server login information:

let client = SMTPClient(url: "smtp://mailserver.address", username: "someone@some.where", password:"secret")


Recipient object is a data structure which store one's name and email address:

let recipient = Recipient(name: "Someone's Full Name", address: "someone@some.where")


Use email object to compose and send an email. Check the following example code:

// initialize an email draft with mail connection / login info
var email = EMail(client: client)

// set the title of email
email.subject = "Mail Title"

// set the sender info
email.from = Recipient(name: "My Full Name", address: "mynickname@my.home")

// fill in the main content of email, plain text or html
email.html = "<h1>Hello, world!</h1><hr><img src=''>"

// set the mail recipients, to / cc / bcc are all arrays "First Receiver", address: "someone@some.where")) "Second Receiver", address: "someOtherOne@some.where"))
email.bcc.append(Recipient(name: "An invisible receiver", address: "someoneElse@some.where"))

// add attachments

// send the email and call back if done.
do {
  try email.send { code, header, body in
    /// response info from mail server
  }//end send
}catch(let err) {
  /// something wrong

Members of EMail Object

  • client: SMTPClient, login info for mail server connection
  • to: [Recipient], array of mail recipients
  • cc: [Recipient], array of mail recipients, "copy / forward"
  • bcc:[Recipient], array of mail recipients, will not appear in the to / cc mail.
  • from: Recipient, email address of the current sender
  • subject: String, title of the email
  • attachments: [String], full path of attachments, i.e., ["/path/to/file1.txt", "/path/to/file2.gif" ...]
  • content: String, mail body in text, plain text or html
  • html: String, alias of content (shares the same variable as content)
  • send(completion: @escaping ((Int, String, String)->Void)), function of sending email with callback. The completion callback has three parameters; check Perfect-CURL performFully() for more information:
    • code: Int, mail server response code. Zero for OK.
    • header: String, mail server response header string.
    • body: String, mail server response body string.